LADA Self-Insurers' Trust Fund

The Louisiana Automobile Dealers Association Self-Insurers’ Trust Fund (LADA-SIF) leads the industry with low rates, low expense ratios and consistent surplus returns. With over $90 million in member distributions payable returned to the members since the Fund’s inception in 1982.

The success of the LADA-SIF would not be possible without exceptional teamwork:

  • Fund membersaggressively promoting safety within their dealerships.
  • ABoard of Trustees(all past Chairmen of the Louisiana Automobile Dealers Association and active participants of the LADA-SIF) establishing and maintaining prudent policy.
  • Will Green, Fund Administrator, providing leadership, oversight and legislative involvement.
  • Third party administratorRisk Management Services, LLC(RMS) implementing Workers’ Comp Best Practices in its day-to-day management of operations.

With this winning formula in place, the LADA-SIF can look forward to affordable, consistent service in the future.

For more information on the workers’ compensation fund created specifically for the LADA, please contact:

Risk Management Services
Jean Robért