Brandt Management

Raymond J. Brandt
Dealer of the Year 
Ray Brandt began his career in the automotive industry in 1983 with a Nissan franchise in Harvey. He served on the Nissan Regional and National Boards for 20 years, serving as National Chairman twice, along with serving on the Hyundai and Toyota Regional Boards. This was the start of the Brandt Automotive Family, which now includes 10 dealerships and 4 collision centers.

Ray has been active in the operation of these dealerships for the past 33 years. He is currently a member of the Nissan Regional and National Dealer Advisory Boards, Louisiana Dealer Services, and Chairman on the Louisiana Motor Vehicle Commission. He was previously a member on the Louisiana Automobile Dealers Association Board.

Ray attended Loyola University and has achieved several degrees including Bachelor of Business Administration, Master of Business Administration, Juris Doctor, Certified Public Accountant.

Ray has achieved several factory achievements including "Best of the Best" for Mercedes-Benz, Circle of Excellence for Infiniti, Nissan President's Award, and Toyota President's Award.

He is active in many organizations including Italian Sports Hall of Fame, REX Carnival Club, UNO Foundation Boards, Argus Carnival Club, LA Board of Regions, and Past Chairman for the Heart Association. He has contributed to many charities and family foundations, and continues to help out those in need.

Ray is married to Jessica and has two step-children, Sal Radazzo and Julie Hartline, and five grandchildren.